Homeless House



Homeless House is a fantastic organisation which supports the most vulnerable members of society in many different ways.  As well as offering food and clothing, they provide workshops and training to help homeless people gain the skills they need to find employment and support themselves.

We were connected with Homeless House by the Manchester City Council Volunteering scheme when their founder Antonia Gough registered for marketing help during the Covid 19 crisis. With limited resources they were struggling to get a website up and running. We had registered as Volunteers and when Antonia's request came through, we responded. The resulting website was completed in a few weeks and is now live.

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Brief and objectives

The Homeless House brief was to translate the urban, street culture feel of their Instagram page, designed to appeal to a younger audience, into a format that was both attractive and informative in large screen website and mobile form.

They already had a strong brand identity and enjoyed the backing of some of the North West’s best known companies. The site we built reflects this branding and is now being used to spread awareness, collect donations, facilitate fundraising events, bring in new volunteers and ambassadors and sell clothing via their online shop.

Working with a range of other companies we were able to bring focus to the Homeless House digital presence and give them a great platform to build on.


The new website took their existing branding and focused on the following features:

  • Making it mobile-friendly as their audience are predominantly smartphone users.
  • Linking to existing social media so their Instagram feed appears on the home page.
  • Linking to an eCommerce platform for their clothing sales that are the main fundraising avenue for the charity.

We will continue to support them as they grow with new campaign elements and further features based around fundraising and events.

We're proud volunteers

It's always good to help someone out and we, like many others, were proud to have volunteered our services during the Covid 19 crisis. Of course it's also nice to receive a thank you and here's what Antonia Gough, the founder of Homeless House, had to say...

"The kindness shown by Creation ADM during these unprecedented times has been amazing. Not only did the owners welcome us into the company but the wider team made us feel as though nothing was too much trouble. They took the vision we wished to portray and brought it to life! We know that thanks to their generosity we have a platform to involve the wider communities with ease, across the UK, in helping the most vulnerable.”

To mark Volunteers Week, we were awarded with a certificate of recognition from Lord Mayor Abid Latif Chohan, for our work in building the Homeless House website.