Modern life is rubbish

By Stuart Bennett | March 22, 2023

Here at A Better Planet, we love a bit of recycling… in fact, we’re a little obsessed! I mean, why wouldn’t you be?!  Turning old stuff into new is great, isn’t it? But what’s really annoying is that councils rarely, if ever, offer a way of recycling all of that additional, flexible plastic packaging we…

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Some standout campaigns from 2022

By Stuart Bennett | December 21, 2022

2022 has been another year where the climate emergency – and all of its contributory factors – has received huge amounts of media coverage. And rightly so. We’ve only got one planet, right? We wanted to share a couple of standout campaigns we thought were fantastic, as organisations seek new and innovative ways to convey…

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Can coal mining EVER be compatible with Net Zero?

By Stuart Bennett | October 22, 2021

At the recent UN General Assembly, prime minister Boris Johnson warned “it was time for humanity to grow up”. It could be said that his subsequent (and-not-exactly-finger-on-the-pulse) reference to Kermit the Frog was a worrying indicator of his own level of maturity. In any case, he went on to state that the forthcoming UN Climate…

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Is time up for air travel?

By Stuart Bennett | September 7, 2021

Since Covid-19 restrictions were lifted on 19th July, just in time for the school summer holidays, it feels as if life has returned to some kind of normal.  We have tentatively begun doing some of the things we have missed so much; nights out, meeting up with families and friends across the country… even the…

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The return of an environmental superpower?

By Stuart Bennett | June 30, 2021

“When America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold” is a well-worn phrase used by economists and politicians over the years to illustrate the huge influence the country has on events across the globe. It also implies that what they do, others follow. This is one of the reasons the rest of the…

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HS2: The Whitest of White Elephants?

By Stuart Bennett | May 10, 2021

It’s fair to say that HS2 stirs up the emotions, with plenty of passionate, pleasingly well mannered and respectful debate occurring whenever we share or comment about the topic on our social media channels.  The thing is, we normally actively encourage the promotion of sustainable, public transportation, anything to ween us all off our addiction…

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Happy birthday to… US!

By Stuart Bennett | April 8, 2021

Can it really be a whole year since we launched A Better Planet? (Hint: Would we be blogging about it if it wasn’t?!) Incredibly, it is indeed 12 months since the newest venture for our parent company CreationADM set up with the specific aim of supporting organisations, businesses and individuals who are ‘making a difference’.…

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How green is YOUR website?

By Stuart Bennett | February 11, 2021

This question may not be something you’ve ever considered, but, like every other action we take here on planet earth, somewhere along the line, there’s a consequence. You may be surprised to learn that our everyday, online activities of browsing, streaming and downloading contribute to a beast that produces an enormous and ever-growing amount of…

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To EV or Not to EV, Should That Be The Question?

By Stuart Bennett | January 28, 2021

Boris Johnson’s 10 Point Plan to ensure the UK becomes fully net-zero by 2050 has been broadly welcomed by green groups and charities alike.  With commitments including the ban of all diesel and petrol cars by 2030 and at least 3 points focused on renewable energy (nuclear, offshore and hydrogen) this cautious praise is merited. …

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Planning Deregulation: A Race to the Bottom?

By Stuart Bennett | December 9, 2020

It’s fair to say that the current UK Government can be a master of mixed messages, none more so when it comes to showing off its green credentials.   One day they are announcing commendable plans for the UK to be wholly reliant on sustainable energy within the next decade; the next during the Spending Review,…

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